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Dealing with dependency updates can get stressful. Let's talk about it.

How to mount a file from disk into the running docker container of the Kubernetes pod, using a ConfigMap.

Tools such as Renovate, Dependabot, etc. are a great help in keeping your dependencies up-to-date. Yet, how confident are you in merging those Pull Requests without fearing to break things?

React Hooks that support an array of dependencies, for example useEffect or useCallback, might trigger undesired effects if a dependency argument is not a fixed reference.

With a Renovate configuration for a monorepository scheduled on a weekly basis, and dependencies grouped by major and minor/patch, Renovate will unexpectedly close the Pull Requests. Here's how you can fix that.

Learn how to build your first GitHub Action in a few steps. As an example, we can build an action that checks if labels have been assigned to a Pull Request.

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